What is this?

Vagabond Starlight is a terribly silly webcomic about some people in space. It follows the adventures of the whimsically bewildering crew of The Fool’s Errand, a tramp freighter operating in and around the asteroid belt of our solar system. The strip updates thrice a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The archive lives on the other side of this link, or you can click here to jump straight to the first strip.

Who is responsible for this?

Fox Barrett is a human mammal that slaps a stylus against a tablet while making “ook ook” noises. Occasionally, this results in jokes. Her first webcomic, Sketched Comedy, still exists, and you can go look at that if that’s the sort of thing you’re in to.




Shadlyn Wolfe once jotted some things down which resulted in a webcomic. Modern science has yet to explain how this is possible. Also, she wrote a novel this one time.