Hey! Big news day. If you don’t normally read the blog, you really should read this one.

Well, this is awkward. So when Shadlyn and I were brainstorming Halloween specials, one of the ideas was “what if we did an awful, Frank Miller-esque gritty reboot of Vagabond Starlight. What does that look like?” And we figured it looked a little bit like the above. (Poor Jennifer, ever her own gritty reboot version of herself.)

I wasn’t expecting to run it on top of this blog post, though. Okay, this is gonna suck, so here goes:

As of today, Vagabond Starlight no longer has a regular update schedule.

We’re abandoning the current Monday/Thursday format for the strip. Going forward, we will be writing and drawing chapters in their entirety before release. Once they’re done, we’ll post the whole thing, probably as a Monday-Friday daily strip until the chapter is fully posted. And then the strip doesn’t update until the next chapter is completed.

You’ll notice there’s no schedule there. We don’t have stop and start dates this time. We don’t have ETAs on what sort of timeframe we’re looking at for releasing each chapter. It will take as long as it takes.

And that’s the cold hard facts part of what’s going on. Next comes to squishy part where I explain why.

Why is this happening?

Both Shadlyn and I still love Vagabond Starlight and its characters, and we’re not done with this story, but:

  • I need time. Time for other projects, other stories that need telling. Time to myself, to let my brain worry more about a good narrative than the next deadline or how many people I’m letting down. I need time away from Vagabond Starlight, and I need to be able to give freely myself permission to have that.
  • I want to tell other stories. Shorter, more impactful stories. In different places, with different people. I need the freedom to stick Vagabond Starlight on a backburner from time to time so I can sit down and focus on a one-shot about a schlubby spaceship salvage team or about a mountain cabin beset by monsters or about a hitman trying to find a roommate. I need things I can hand to people and say “this a complete story, I drew this.”
  • I want to do more. I want to get better at this. I want to finish this story the way Shadlyn and I have it in our heads, not the way it’s currently limping along. And the only way I see to do that is to dramatically change things.

Once upon a time, I was a lazy asshole who only ever did things because I had a deadline. That’s why the comic updated three times a week; otherwise, I’d never make the thing. And it worked! And I can’t imagine a life anymore where I’m not making comics! But that’s what I did because that’s what I needed at the time.

And now? I think I need something different.

Vagabond Starlight is not finished. I don’t know when we’ll have the rest of this chapter for you.

Where are we going next?
My current plan is to start work on a B&W one-shot that I’ve had kicking around in my head for a few months now. After that? I don’t know – and that is so exciting, right now!

How will I know when there are new things to read?

You can follow me on Twitter, I’ll definitely be talking about my comics goings-on there. The RSS feed will still be kickin’, so that’ll update anytime something gets posted.

What does this mean for Patreon?

For now, we’re shutting down the Patreon; we won’t be charging for next month, and I’ll be issuing refunds for the month of October. (Patreon tells me these take 5-7 days to process, but if you don’t get refunded let me know and I will fight with Patreon to get that fixed.)

Your support has been wonderful; I hope you’ll consider passing that support on to the next artist who delights you.

Thank you!

Thank you, for four unbelievable years. Whatever else happens, it was a tremendous privilege to get to make this for you. If this is where we part ways, I understand, and I wish you only the best. Otherwise? I’ll have the rest of Chapter 10 here for you just as soon as I get it made. I hope I don’t keep you waiting too long.

If you’ve got any questions, comments, or just plain ol’ shit-you-wanna-say, you can hit me up on Twitter, send us an e-mail, or fill up the ol’ comments box below.

Till next time.