So, as far as I’m concerned (hi, it’s me, Fox, hey there), Oliver is not wearing a shirt, but he is wearing pants. Or probably shorts, as that would make more sense. Shadlyn disagrees? Says he’s clearly pants-less? Because she’s a monster? This, then, is the strip’s first (and hopefully only?) split on what’s cannon. Yes, your creators are in disagreement, and it’s over Oliver’s state of undress. Not a breaking point I’d anticipated, I admit, but we’ll just have to roll with it.

And now, because there is no cannon answer on this one completely bonkers issue, I guess we now have a schism. I drew the thing, so I presume to think I represent the (clearly correct) Clothing Orthodoxy whilst Shadlyn is some kinda… weird, gross-o Nudie Protestant? I dunno how this shit works. It’s in your hands now, fam.

Oh, also, we’ll be back on the 21st or whatever? That’s important, too. I think.