And by “thirty minutes,” I mean “two weeks.” And by “cab,” I mean “next chapter.”

We’re takin’ a break, like one does around this time of year. Like we always do ’round this time of year, in fact. So nothing too unexpected there, right? The, ah, embarrassing part is that we kinda… don’t… have anything to run over the break.

There’s been some good this year — more than I think it sometimes gets credit for — but, yeah… It’s been a roughie. For me, personally. For us, as a planet. So, short version? We don’t have a buffer anymore. We need a some time. I hate to admit it, and I hate even more to say it (which is probably why I’m writing it), but Chapter 9 isn’t written yet.  Yeah. So much for being a half chapter ahead on the writing and two and a half months ahead on the art at all times. Yeah.

I can’t make any promises, but if I can smash something together this weekend, I might have something light to go up on Monday. But that’s about it. The next two weeks are gonna be a head down, writing go, drawing make sort of affair. Just… as soon as Shadlyn stops hacking up a lung. Because of course Santa got her the black plague for Xmas.

Like I said. S’been a year.

Still, if you’re reading this — indeed, if you’re still reading this monster of a blog post — then you’re living proof things can’t be all bad. Vagabond Starlight isn’t everything I wish it could be. But people still show up three times a week to see it. Not many people. But some. And sometimes, one more than zero may as well be the world.

We promised ya’ll a story, delivered in bits three times a week. And by god, we are damn well going to tell it. Barring further disaster, we will be back Monday, January 9th.

May the new year bring you safe journeys, fair health, and a gratuitous overabundance of dick’n’fart jokes.