Thing I remember about Secret of NIMH: Rats, Nicodemus’s freaky-ass eyes, water. I really probably should have been paying closer attention.

Speaking of sci-fi, I recently wrapped up Tales from The Borderlands with my co-writer. Even if you’re not at all interested in the Borderlands — and frankly, I wouldn’t blame you, they swing pretty hard on the Quality-O-Meter — I highly recommend it. After the heartbreaking drama of The Walking Dead (season 1, anyway) and the gritty film noir of A Wolf Among Us, it was really nice to see TellTale flex its comedy muscle once again.

And flex they did, the damn game is hilarious. It’s got a sharp, dark comedy edge that plays well in a world as absurdly violent as Borderlands’ Pandora. Highlights include robot love, cannibal hate, bros, bro’s bros, and creative uses for finger guns the likes of which you haven’t seen since The Matrix.

Top-fucking-notch game, grab it if ya can.