Remember, it’s not regression if you were never mature in the first place.

So the past few days have been an interesting adventure in ass-pain. I sit to do work. I also sit to do fun. About the only thing I don’t do sitting is sleeping. And walking. Typically. Anyway, point is, I sit alot.

As it turns out, this can really, really piss off your tailbone. And as it turns out, the hilariously named “coccyx” is no kidder. In fact, it is deadly fucking serious about being taken deadly fucking seriously. If you’ve got some mild discomfort, don’t just think to yourself “aaaah, it’ll be fine” and go off to beddy-by land. Because your reward for ignoring your body will be the sort of searing ass-pain that rouses you from your slumber with all the subtlety and grace of a soccer riot.

So anyway, what I’m tryin’ to say is, if you’ve got job that keeps you on your butt a lot, maybe get up and stretch once in a while. It may turn out that your ass has a lot to say. And you do not want it to start shouting.