I really enjoy writing dialogue for Oliver. Like, kind of a lot.

It’s still kind of strange for me to have so much more written about a set of characters than I’ve put out in the open. Sketched Comedy was flying without a net most of the time, but I’m  being a Good Cartoonist and giving Vagabond Starlight a substantial buffer. Strip-wise and script-wise. I already have a super firm grasp on these folks, but you’ve barely met them. And that’s resulted in some bitchin’ cognitive dissonance while writing future strips. It’s exciting! And scary. And fun! And annoying.

And I guess that’s how writing works. I think I’m down for that.

I don’t… really know if I have much of a point, here. But the post is filled out, now, so I suppose any such straggling trivialities are now your problem, rather than mine. You’re welcome.