A future that does not retain the legacy of the Muppet Show is a future I want no part of.

It always really bugged me that Star Trek was a vision of the future that only had room for the public domain. It’s a world without Superman, the Beatles, or Mario. They’ve never listened to a George Carlin bit or watched an episode of The Prisoner. There’s no hip hop. There’s no Street Fighter. Are you seriously telling me that we made it to the stars and beyond and the only thing we took with us is root beer and jazz?

As far as I’m concerned, the genocidal-robot-infested nuclear wasteland of  The Terminator isn’t so bleak and empty as the vision of humanity invented by Roddenberry.

So yeah. Lucas is into the Muppets. Or at least Miss Piggy. Which is probably as far as you should inquire into his affairs.