The dude was accurate to the letter, so, I mean, how much more specific could you want?

Which reminds me: onomatopoeia is probably my favorite thing about comics. There’s something so wonderfully pure about them. I even love the word itself. “Onomatopoeia.” Look at that goofy-ass mishmash of consonants and vowels. It’s like when it was being coined, it knew it was some misshapen splatter of letters and it decided “fuck it, I’m gonna lean in to the madness.” And like Echidna, all it’s children are equally delightfully monstrous. Zorp. Pludd. Shakow. Fwoosh. Honestly, I don’t know why I even bother with normal dialogue.

I mean, okay, yeah, the plot and characters, I guess, but… Honestly, if you can’t fully express both with just sound effects, then really I’m not sure your story is one worth telling.