Lucas, callin’ it like he sees it. Like he sorta sees it, vaguely, over his shoulder as he half pays attention.

I don’t have any children myself — despite pre-ordering and everything — so I don’t have much first-hand experience in their behavior. I assume they’re just like you or I, only with less appreciation for the finer points of sex, alcohol, and diction. I tried to talk to a baby, once. “For research,” I told him. All I got back in return was a series of gurgling noises, and a vague sense of loathing. Or perhaps indigestion. Either way, ’twas a fruitless endeavor, so I’m kinda forced to fall back on Human Psychology 101 when writing motivations and dialogue for Kazuo here.

That, of course, being: “If a human sees a button, they will push that button, and may god have mercy on whatever becomes between them.”