I always wondered what those plants were for.

Shadlyn and I have been playing a bunch of Nom Nom Galaxy of late. I’ve never really gone in for any of the previous PixelJunk offerings, but this one has sorta sat down on my head and won’t move. (In a good way.) The gameplay is kinda like what would happen if you glued a Tycoon game to Terreria. You build factories on alien worlds to make soup. The soup goes out. The money comes in. Occasionally, people/native wildlife/gravity try to kill you for doing that. Soup manufacturing and distribution can be quite contentious. Words are silly, so just go have a look for y’self if you’re interested.

The reason I bring it up is because it has split-screen co-op, and Shadlyn and I have been using it as a bonding ritual. Of sorts. One where we scream at one another for our poor management skills, improper farming techniques, and general dumbfuckery. We’re learning to love, all over again! Through hate!

Hate makes our love stronger!