I mean, strictly speaking, he can let a child fly the ship. It’s just that he┬áprobably shouldn’t. Technically. If you wanted to be pedantic about it. Which I do. Very much.

So hey, normally I write these the night before the comic goes live. Last night I didn’t do that because Boring Life Stuff got in the way. Normally when that happens, I try to sneak in a quick post early in the morning and hope nobody notices. But that won’t work this morning.

You see, this morning, the US Supreme Court basically said “no, you can’t ban gay marriage, cut that out.” And that’s really all I care about at the moment. Are there still a billion other problems? Sure. Is the fight over? Of course not. But today? I dunno about you, but for just today, I’m going to walk around with a big dumb smile on my face.