Really, this is all Douglas Adams’ fault.

It wasn’t enough for me to see Star Wars and think lightsabers are cool. I couldn’t watch Aliens and get enamored with desperate men shooting endless waves of killer aliens. I didn’t see Blade Runner and decide that gritty thrillers are where it’s at. No. I had to read about Arthur Dent’s house/planet being bulldozed by the whims of cold bureaucracy and latch on to that. “That,” young I thought, “is the coolest thing in sci-fi. And it is that which I must mimic.”

That’s why two women are talking in a hallway about communication issues in the workplace. Instead of square-jawed men staring down the vile Blazeroids menace, phased-plasma rifle in one hand, grim determination in the other, and the very universe in the balance, you get this.

Good going, Adams. Thanks loads.