Two courses short of three-course meal, that one.

So I managed to sneak in some time around All Kinds Of Boring Adult Stuff to see that Imperitor Furisoa (feat. Mad Max) movie everyone was going apeshit about. I see why everyone went apeshit. ‘Tis apeshit-worthy. There was a lot to enjoy in there, and sure, mostly it’s the stuff you’d expect. Flaming bungie guitars. Robo-armed truck driver lady. Explosions with explosions inside them. Funny accents. Lovely, all of it.

What I was not expecting was all the disposable foot soldiers of the film looking almost exactly like renowned Mortal Kombat baddie Quan Chi. You know, this dopey fucker. A human wave of Quan Chis spilling over itself to chase an angry Max is the an image I’ll hold tight in my darkest hours. A beautiful reminder that Life is inherently stupid in the best way possible. Thank you, Fury Road. Thank you.