Dream that impossible dream, Oliver. No matter what cliff it takes you off of.

Holy shit, it’s July! The weather here in Texas seems to have been caught just as unaware as I, as we’ve been “enjoying” a sudden spike into 100-degree weather. For those wondering why we call it the Lone Star State, it’s because we all cower before the awesome might of The All-Scorcher — or “The Sun” as less heat-fearing folks know it — which beams its wrathful beams of ultraviolet hatred down upon us. I know we need its energy for, like, life on Earth, or whatever, but come on. We get it. You’re really, really super bright, Sun. Nobody’s impressed anymore. In fact, you’re kinda being a little shitty about it. Calm the hell down.

Aside from the fact that the Sun is trying to kill me, I suppose the other news of note is that we’re now officially on a twice-a-week schedule. As promised, we’ll be posting new strips on Thursdays as well. So be sure to check back in on the 4th for more people in tiny boxes talking to other people in tiny boxes!