Oh, Mars? Mars was fun! Let’s never, ever, ever go back.

So hey, big announcement, and unfortunately not one I’m happy to make. Next week’s strips aren’t gonna happen on time. We’ve been dealing with a sick cat since Sunday. It’s… looking grim, and to be completely frank, we’re both pretty busted up about it. So deadlines slipped, then slipped again, and at this point I am not confident in my ability to post on time. So I’m calling next week a wash.

This is what happens when you fly without a net, kids. Let this be a warning: have a nice, beefy buffer for your webcomic. Don’t be like Aunty Fox, she’s a dummy-dumb poo-poo head.

So, to be clear, that means no comic on the 5th or the 8th. Next regularly scheduled update after that would be June¬†12th.¬†Honestly? I’m not going to make any promises right now, beyond saying that I will put up something about the status of the comic by then.

We’re going dark for a week. Hopefully, not too much longer than that. Catch you folks on the other side.