Ah, gravity, my old foe. We meet again. Suddenly, briefly, and violently.

True to my threat earlier this month, Vagabond Starlight is going to take a little break for the holidays. This is the last regular update for the year. We’ve got a little placeholder thingie going up on Monday which you are welcome to enjoy, but after that, don’t expect to see another new strip until January 6th. Because, well, that’s when the strip resumes. I mean, you’re welcome to keep checking the site, but the placeholder thingie is the only thing that’ll be here awaiting you over the next two weeks.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the placeholder thingie. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, in simple matter of fact. Er, not that I want to over sell it, of course. I mean, it’s still just a placeholder thingie. Look, just… On Monday, you’ll see.