Most worthwhile things are, I find.

Do ya’ll read Broodhollow? The (relatively) recent and (delightfully) successful Kickstarter for the print version of Book 2 got me thinking about it again. If you’re not familiar, Broodhollow is sort of a horror-comedy that plays towards subtlety on both ends of that spectrum. It’s not horror in the shit-your-pants-scary way, but it plays in that space spectacularly. Like Twin-Peaks-cum-Lovecraft by way of Silent Hill. Kris Straub does some stunningly brilliant stuff with the art, too, contrasting a minimalist cartoon style with the most macabre shit this side of the late, great Giger. Also, there’s funny jokes! Go read it, if ya haven’t.

Oh, and if you are familiar, sorry. But not too sorry. You should probably read Broodhollow again, anyway. You might be forgetting something.