Always put your best foot forward. Ideally, not so far forward it flips up into your mouth.

Three years I’ve been doin’ this, huh? Oh, not this strip, of course. Back in 2011, I started up a goofy little strip called Sketched Comedy. This is more or less what it looked like. Grim, right? Well, we all gotta start somewhere and sometime. Which was sorta my attitude going into that strip.

I’d spent a lot of time telling myself what I couldn’t do. And honestly, looking at that thing, I really didn’t have any business jumping into the wild world of webcomics. But experience, as the man said, is something you don’t get until after you need it. So I’ve been drawing. And I’ve been writing. And, most of all, I’ve been learning.

And in all honesty, I regret not starting sooner. As far along as I may be now, I wonder how much further along I’d be if I’d drawn that strip in 2001 rather than 2011. But, eh, you’re not as smart at 18 as you are at 28. So my advice to you? Whatever it is that you’re telling yourself you can’t do… maybe you can’t. But maybe you should do it anyway.

…Fuck me, is this the sort of thing you write about when you turn 31? Ugh. Ugh.