It’s a thin line between “motivational speaker” and “brow beating,” and Jennifer treads that line with all the grace and care of a drunken elephant.

Speaking of drunken elephants, I have sort of a bonus comic thingie to go along with this update. For last Wednesday’s strip, I held a little comic edit contest, for which I was the only entrant. That makes sense, as I was the only person who I told about the contest. I have posted the result of that contest over on Patreon, and am happy to announce that I have picked my own entry as the winner of the contest I made for myself.

…Is all stuff Shadlyn told me to write. Frankly, I think she’s completely lost her mind, but who am I to deny her whims? I hope she is happy, now. The comic edit is real, though, and the real explanation is with it over on Patreon.