Jennifer is making quite the assumption there regarding Lucas’ pornography. They live on a space ship in the far-flung future. If “naked women” is the best she can do, I pity her woefully underdeveloped imagination.

…Or, perhaps after years spent with the Internet, I envy it.

Happy Let’s-Blow-Crap-Up-Because-We’re-Our-Own-Country Day, my fellow Americans. My fellow Everyone Elses, I hope you, too, are having a happy day. It’s Independence Day here in the States, a day of merrymaking and high explosives. Dangerous? Perhaps. But if you’re going to celebrate the anniversary of a revolution, what’s more apt than causing as much property damage as you can fit into one night of drunken revelry? So have fun, stay safe, and try not to light on fire anything you can’t grow back.