Spoiler alert: it’s mean.

To be fair, tricks are rarely nice. It’s never “hah hah, I gotcha that time, with that roast duck I served you alongside a nice wine.” It’s really the “unseen open manhole” sort of trick you see in your day-to-day trickery. Which is a shame, really. I could go for some duck. Or wine. I have no idea of those go together. I would learn a lot from that trick.

Oh, I guess if we’re talking about skateboards, those tricks are pretty nice. I would not be sad if someone did, say, a 360 benihana over my car. Hell, I’d be stoked. Unless they hit me. Or my car. Or my cat. Actually, it turns out there’s kind of a lot of ways that could go wrong. So, nevermind, tricks are bad. Don’t do tricks, kids.

Unless they’re really funny. Then it’s okay.