Regular ships, by contrast, do have parking breaks. That is factual. As a boat midwife, you can trust my statements on all things ship related.

Okay, look, I’m gonna level with you. This week has been kinda crazy with home repairs, personal stuff, and long-term crap for the strip. My head’s so fulla’ whateva’ that I honestly don’t have two good jokes to rub against each other for this post. If I did, I would stop rubbing them and… like, I dunno, use them. Or something. Look, I didn’t think this idiom through, either, okay? Point is, I’m stuck for something to write.

And it’s absolutely not because I got distracted looking at porn and playing Street Fighter to notice that it’s 40 minutes before this thing has to go live. And any insinuation of such will be dealt with by my Highly-Trained Team of Professional Assassins.

Their names are Possum and Tate, and they will not brook any shit, alright? Alright. Have a good Monday.