This is the first time I’ve used finger quotes in the strip. With any luck, it shan’t be the last.

Jennifer is actually asking what I feel is a pretty fair question. The real answer, of course, is the same here as it is for every other spaceship in literary history: because real jobs are boring. (Please note: serving aboard the Enterprise does not constitute a real job. One time they got turned into kids. And then there’s the time on DS9 they got shrunk. I think Janeway became a damn lizard or something, once?) Most people in fiction would be far better served by honest work for honest pay.

But then you have to try and be madcap about, like, I dunno, updating your emergency contact information with the HR department. How much mileage am I really going to get out of “hey, I just had a kid, so I need to adjust my withholdings on my taxes this year?” Where’s the fun — and funny — in checking to make sure all 70 crates of duranium are accounted for and safely stowed for transport?

The people need explosions, dammit! And sex! They need explosions and sex, all over their everything! You! Characters! Make with the explosive sex!