He’s a man of many words.

Woo, hey, so that Divinity: Original Sin 2, huh? That sure is a video game. That my roommates and I have played. For two days straight. Breaking mostly just to sleep. Holy cow.

Sorry, my brain is a little swiss-cheese-melted-on-a-hot-sidewalk-and-trodden-by-a-thousand-screaming-toddlers at the moment. We decided to make something of a family event out of D:OS 2, dragging all the computers into one room and having a LAN party like it’s 1998. Great fun! Until you realize you’ve been sitting in a dark room with all the curtains drawn (yay, Texas) for something like 20 hours and you don’t really remember your own name anymore? My water-bending archer’s name is Faheeta, and honestly, I think I answer to it as readily as my own now?

Anyway, that game is good fun, definitely a worthy successor to everything I loved about the classic Temple of Elemental Evil. However, I’m writing this in a rush on the other side of that multiday marathon, so if you don’t mind I’m just gonna lay on the floor and think about nothing until I remember what the fuck my own name is.