I have no idea what this woman is talking about.

So I’ve been playing Star Wars Armada lately. And it’s a good game, but it’s gotten me thinking. See, they make Imperial Assault, which simulates violence on a person-on-person scale. They also make X-Wing Miniatures, which is tiny spaceship scale. They also make Armada, which is much bugger spaceships scale. They also also make Rebellion, which is planetary scale. And it’s at this point, with four sizes of Star Wars violence elegantly approximated upon my dinner table that I start to wonder where it stops.

Galactic star-cluster scale violence? Galaxy versus galaxy scale violence? The ever expanding and endless void of the unknowable vastness of the edge of the universe violence?? How far, Fantasy Flight?! How many ways must we clash before our need for stellar conflict are satisfied?!  Do you think us truly insatiable in our bloodlust?!?

…I mean, I would play those. If you made ’em. So. I guess that’s a fair assumption, Fantasy Flight.