Lucas is so unflappable, were he a bird, he’d just fall right the hell out of the god damn nest and smack into the dirt, face first.

And that wouldn’t bother him, either.

The Steam summer sale is going on right now, and thus far the only real stand out gem I’ve picked up is a game called Space Run. It’s a tower defense game about hauling stuff around space while people try to kill you. (I’ll leave you to guess why such a premise caught my eye.) It reminds me a lot of Unstoppable Gorg, which is good because I loved Unstoppable Gorg. Anywho, the schtick is that you load your ship with your delivery, and in-flight you build all your defenses to stop hateful asteroids and even more hateful pirates from trying to kill you.

Also, sometimes you just shoot down hapless competitors, which I find conceptually hilarious.

The voice work is, admittedly, irritating. And at times the game is brutally difficult. But it looks nice, plays really well, and the soundtrack is top notch. Highly recommended.