And so it begins.

Welcome to Vagabond Starlight! I’ve had a handful of ideas for a sci-fi webcomic kicking around in my head for many, many years now. Unfortunately, I lacked even the basest level of art skill needed to convey much more than two amorphous blobs making dick jokes at one another. That’s why for the past couple years I’d been working on Sketched Comedy instead. Now that my art has evolved from “vague shapes” to “vague humanoid shapes,” it’s time to dive in on something a bit meatier.

It’s also worth noting that I (Fox Barrett) will be sharing writing duties with my dearest love, Shadlyn Wolfe. She’ll be helping me out with plotlines, characters, and generally keeping me on task when I inevitably turn into a frazzled mess as I cover art duties, dialogue, and generally do the “heavy-lifting” for the strip. Unfortunately, she will not stop me from writing run-on sentences.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll stick with us through this coo-coo outer space party-o-rama.