I, too, find myself confused by the good captain’s position here. So befuddled am I that I have nothing particularly clever to add to today’s strip. So I’ll just ramble about MechWarrior Online for a bit.

Well, first, I’ll set my fucking heathen of a spellchecker to recognize the word “MechWarrior.” There we go. Thing was programmed by a buncha’ uncouth, unlearned, undesirables, I tells ya.

So, hey, MechWarrior Online is really, really good. Like, kinda really good. It has some serious New Player issues, don’t get me wrong. The frontend is abysmal, and the game is piss-poor about conveying some critical information to the player. (Pro Tip: press R when you see a bad guy. Gets you all kinds of nifty targeting info. You can thank me later.) Once you get up, over, and around those humps, you’re treated to quite possibly the best realization of Jordan Wiseman’s vision of our heavy metal future.

For those unfamiliar with MechWarrior — or indeed, the larger BattleTech universe — MWO is a game of bigass robots shooting the ever-loving shit out of each other in the 31st century. You, the eponymous “MechWarrior” pilots your BattleMech into BattleBattle against 12 ill-mindedĀ individuals bent upon your ruination. The ‘Mechs are a bit like walking tanks, and so the game has a very deliberate, heavy pace to it. Which is not to say the game is slow, as such, but it’s not the sort of pace you get in your Calls of Duties.

It’s free to play, the stuff locked behind a paywall largely inconsequential to play. Custom colors, XP accelerators, and the like. So it costs you nothin’ but time to go rompa’ stompin’ in the biggest, prettiest damn robot men you’ll see this side of Macross. If you haven’t tried it and have any love for robomans, I highly recommend it.