I dunno, man. Look at that costume. Think about the work that went into that. I’d say Geoff is taking his role very seriously.

I’ve been deep in production work for chapter 4 these last two weeks, so it’s kind of all I can think about right now. Well, that and Ultra Street Fighter 4, but the PC release of that isn’t until August, soooooo… Yeah, chapter 4. Man, what I can say about that beast.

Nothing, actually. Because that would ruin reading it. Which is the whole reason we’re writing and drawing the thing in the first place. So the only thing that’s on my mind right now is something I shouldn’t tell you about. Hrm. Well, I guess I could describe my process. Yeah! That’ll eat up some space.

So first, we think up a thing. Then, we write the thing in more detail. After that, I draw the thing that we wrote down. Somewhere in there, we change some things. Eventually, the thing is put up on this website. Oh, and the thing is a webcomic strip.

Learning is fun!