What’s a little kidnapping between friends, really?

So 2015 is upon us, as officially decreed by my hangover yesterday. I’d like to think I had something profound, insightful, or even particularly reflective to say, but alas. For me, the year had its ups and downs, but on the whole it wasn’t particularly memorable. Sure, I changed houses, but even that just sorta slipped in at the end, like a school kid with a note dodging tardiness on technicality. Little sticks out for me; 2014 simply… was.

Or perhaps I just drank well in excess of what my frail constitution can support, and my alcohol-enfeebled brain is too busy struggling with basic motor function to have anything more gripping to say about the passage of time than “buwaaaaaaauuuuh.”

So instead, I’ll just leave a small note here that I did another one of those silly comic edits over on Patreon again. Happy New Year!