I can see the appeal. The beady eyes. The gaunt visage. The stringy hair. Mmmm, sexy.

I’m gonna break the streak on the comic edits this week. It’s something we might revisit again, but I think it’s time to put that experiment on hold for now. I think there’s fun to be had there, but I’m not quite getting the comedy I want out of it right now. Need to take that idea back to the Thinky Place for a bit.

And, if I’m being completely honest, it was partially born out of a need to put something in our woefully neglected Patreon feed. (Besides the early-posted weekly digest version of the strip, of course.) I’ve been rolling around some ideas on that front, trying to think of stuff to stuff onto the page for those of you gracious enough to patronize, or even simply visit . Haven’t locked down yet what would be a fun Bonus Thing that doesn’t also bite too much into production time for the strip itself. One-shots, isolated gag strips, and side stories seem like the most obvious choice, but at the moment scheduling makes those… tricky. And so the search continues.

Unfortunately, that all pretty much means this post amounts to an announcement of a non-announcement. Which is no good for the comic, but does at least mean I have a promising future in public relations for any given top-tier video game company. Woo!