I mean, really, what was Jean-Luc if not a facilitator?

Part of me kinda wants to talk about the recent passing of film-dude extraordinaire Harold Ramis, and part of me super doesn’t. The films he worked on defined a generation of comedy. Ghostbusters, in particular, was a colossal part of my youth. Hell, in many ways, it still hugely important to me. And he’s now gone. And that’s tragic and sad and awful (and yet another disaster we can lay at the feet of Nintendo’s unrelenting Year of Luigi).

And maybe that’s the wrong way to look at it. He left a legacy burned into celluloid that few people could even begin to hope to dream of achieving. National Lampoon. SCTV. Stripes. Caddyshack. Ghostbusters. Groundhog Day. Any one would be an achievement. He worked on all of them. The dude left the sort of mark on the world that you can see from space.

So farewell, you beautiful, big-haired, bespectacled bastard. And thanks.

Also, I have seriously got to find some funnier material for these posts. In fact, look people, if none of you could die between here and Monday, maybe? That would really help me out.