Welcome to Vagabond Starlight, now presented in JumboVision.

So you’ve likely noticed that the strip is a bit bigger than usual. I’m afraid it’s not because you’ve suddenly developed Superman-like zoom vision. Alas, you remain a mere mortal. No, instead we’ve decided to simulate such superior vision by simply increasing the image size of the strip. Thanks to JumboVision, our proprietary technology of saving the final strip art as slightly bigger PNG that isn’t the slightest bit proprietary, you can now enjoy a 200-pixel wider version of Vagabond Starlight.

And this HD upgrade is coming to every strip in the back, too! In the coming days, I’ll be replacing the Old Tiny Strips with these shiny new Big Bad Strips. No ETA on that, but I’ll be sneaking it in here and there as I find the time to do so. So it’ll be like a little surprise present! Like a surprise present of something that you already have, only now it’s slightly easier to see! The best kind of surprise!

Bigger text! Sharper details! So! Many! PIXELS!

…And it looks like it broke the header! Dammit! Now I have to fight with the CSS again! Yaaaaaaaay!