Pressing your temples until your skull collapses is an awfully slow, inefficient way to end it all, Dana. I mean, hey, you do you, but… There are quicker options, is all.

Right. So. The holidays. The last regular strip of the year is going to run on Friday of this week. We’ll be taking next week and the week after that off. The strip will resume ┬ánormal updates on Monday, January 4th.

I’m not a huge fan of shutting things down for a whopping two weeks, but it’ll give us an opportunity to deal with some family obligations, beef up the strip buffer a little, and give my drawing arm a short break.┬áThat said, we’re gonna try and post something appropriately stupid/easy-to-draw during the break. Something a little more than our usual “please stand by”-style placeholder art. More on that closer to time.

But for the moment, more of this! Uh, on Wednesday, that is! So not really the “moment,” now that I think about it! But you know what I mean!