Vagabond Starlight is trying out a new schedule! We’ll be updating Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays for a bit. See this post for details.

He is the Black Knight.

Okay, it’s “Official Announcement Time” time again. Making webcomics is, like, hard and stuff. So, as I mentioned last Friday, we’re taking next week off. Gonna take a little time to rest, not think about the strip, and do the math on how viable this whole 3-a-week thing is for us.

We had intended to just throw up a filler image for the week, but a friend of mine has offered up a strip of his own to run in its stead. So on Monday, we’ll have something a little different for you. And then we’ll have a filler image. And then we’ll come back on August 4th! And that will be nice.

But not as nice as this week we’re taking off. That will be… nice.