She says, even though she’s standing there, wearing basically the exact same thing as Lucas already. So judgmental.

There is a temptation, I find, to use this space under the comic to explain things I should be explaining within the comic itself. There’s stuff about the setting that I feel we’ve done a poor job conveying. A large part of that is the failing of the art: I struggle a lot with backgrounds and composition. But some of it’s the fault of the writing, too. And it would be so easy to just fill in the gaps down in this big block of Whatever I usually reserve for insane ramblings, product recommendations, and dick jokes.

But that would be lazy. And it would show a distinct lack of trust in our audience. And, worst of all, it would be the laziest sort of storytelling, violating the Prime Directive of “show, don’t tell.” So yeah, maybe I’ve left out some stuff I feel is important. That just means I need to redouble my efforts and work more stuff in at the sides down the road. The best shows, books, movies, and games always go with the assumption that their audience is smart and paying attention. And I know ya’ll are smart.

It’s just so damn easy to be paranoid, though.

Also, I don’t have any good dick jokes for this update, so this was kinda all I could think to write about.