I agree, let’s never do that again. Ugh. Sorry about the missing week.

So, short version: cat isn’t fine but he is (crucially) still alive . Garak’s always been a high maintenance kitty, so what’s one more daily maintenance routine on the pile? Comic is back in bizzznizzz, at least for the time being. Even if it is still only updating twice a week. Bleah. Blurf.

So on that topic (sort of), I wanted to ramble a little. I’ve made mention a few times of how Vagabond Starlight is — by us, anyway — divided up into books. The first seven chapters are “Book 1: Ceres.” What we’re smack in the middle of right now is “Book 2: Mars.” Although “middle” might be a little off, however, as we’re still working out exactly how long Book 2 is gonna be. There’s prooooobably only one more chapter to put into Book 2, meaning it would be chapters 8 through 11. After that it gets a little fuzzy.

As it stands, “Book 3: Subtitle To Be Announced Later” might be the last book. There’s still some threads that haven’t shaken out entirely, even if we do know (I swear!) where all this is going. So I think we’re at or around the mid-point for Vagabond Starlight, but these characters have surprised me before. If they need a Book 4, they’ll get one.

The whole “book” idea is largely an organizational thing. Each book has one big narrative through line, the idea being that all the small arcs are building around one big arc for that block of chapters. But I’ve hesitated to make this a clear cut distinction on the website (outside of these technically optional blog posts) because I didn’t want to give the impression that these “books” would become books.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to collect and print Vagabond Starlight. The reality of the situation is that it just isn’t… reality, y’know? There’s the base-level stuff like “I barely know how to use InDesign, and only know the most basic shit about print buying.” But there’s also the matter of financial barriers. I love this comic to bits, but it doesn’t have the audience to support a print run of, frankly, any size. Maybe some print-on-demand stuff could work. Maybe. But as it stands, it’s more trouble than it’s worth, and that time/energy is better spent on the comic itself.

All of which wraps back around to “I’m still really mad that we’re only updating twice a week, and that we’ve started missing updates.” I’m gonna be honest with ya’ll. I have not been producing at the rate I used to. Part of this is the fault of Life, but big swaths of it are My Fault. I can’t promise you that we won’t fuck up again, because clearly that’s beyond my ability to promise. But one way or another, I am determined to see this beautiful train wreck through to the bitter end.

With any luck, you’ll get to have a good time on the way there! Thanks for letting me ramble. Maybe next time I’ll jabber about the characters a bit?