I lose more phones this way, lemme tell ya…

It’s October! As the de facto month-where-horror-things-go-because-Halloween, October is objectively the best month. Spooky stories are great, wearing costumes is great, having all the revelry of Thanksgiving and Christmas combined without any familial obligations is great! These seasonal allergies… not so great. But fuck it, I will take pills and have fun anyway.

As is befitting our kind, Shadlyn and I will be spending the month binging on horror films, games, and what-have-you. We kicked off things last night with a much overdue watching of Event Horizon, which was a hell of a lot better than I was expecting. Flawed, but trying to do something very cool, and what it gets right it really gets right. If you have any horror recommendations, let us know! If you don’t, just keep reading the comic!

And whatever you do? Don’t. Look. Up.