And so it is that Lucas has the last word on this chapter. Or the last… lack of words, I guess. Honestly, I’ll have to go to the judges on this one.

Wooo, another arc done. New one starts up on Monday. I’m still largely stumbling my way through this, but some slow and steady progress is being made. The mother fucker of making art — specifically, when you’re not particularly good at it — is that you have to make a whole lot of things that are ass before you can get to making things that are not ass. And when you’re first starting out, consistently producing ass is incredibly tedious and discouraging. The trick I’ve found to break though that insufferable ennui is to make each successive thing slightly less ass.

Resign yourself to ass upfront, sure. Let’s be clear. You’re new at this. You will make ass. But if you shave away just a little bit of ass every time you make something, eventually the giant block of ass you keep producing will get smaller and smaller. Over time, it doesn’t even really look so much like an ass anymore. It’s actually quite nice, in fact! So you see, making good art is all about the death of the ass by inches.

That, uh, all sound a lot more profound in my head.

Anyway, on to chapter 3! May it be the least ass of all the ass I’ve assed to date!