Is that enough rats? I always feel like I should draw more rats. I shoulda drawn more rats. Please imagine even more rats when looking at this image. Thank you.

So hey, big news. Chapter 7 is going to be wrapping up soon. Chapter 7, as it happens, is the last chapter in what we’ve sorta been calling Book 1. Once that last strip runs, we’re going to be taking a break before we start Chapter 8/Book 2. And I’m sorry to say it’s gonna be longer than our usual breaks.

We’re gonna be taking roughly a month off between the back half of June and the front half of July. After the last strip of Chapter 7 runs, there will not be any new strips until July 13th. Lotta reasons for that, among them sanity, dignity, and the need to rebuild a comic buffer that took a huge hit during the production of chapters 6 and 7.

So yeah, heads up. We’re going away for a bit soon. But not yet. But soon. But there’s still some strips that have to run first. But after that there’s a break. But that’s not now. That’s soon. Got it? Right. Good.