You tell ’em, Lou! Meanwhile, I’ll tell these other ’ems about Patreon.

Hey, have you heard of Patreon? For those of you that have, here’s the short version: I’m on there now! Here’s the link.

For everyone else, some more information is in order. Patreon is a platform for artists to make a little money while making their art. It’s kinda like Kickstarter, in that patrons pledge some amount of money per unit of art produced. When the art unit is made, the patrons pay their pledge. (In our case, the pledges are per month.)¬†Unlike Kickstarter, this is an ongoing process. The idea is that people on the Internet can help artists on the Internet create a sustainable revenue stream.

In other words, through this thing, you could make it so I can do Vagabond Starlight for a living. Like, an actual living. One that has money I can spend on food and art stuff and video games.

Now, obvious disclaimer time. We will still keep making Vagabond Starlight regardless. The coolest part of this is that I’m not saying “pay me or this goes away.” It’s “if you like what you see, I have an easy way to show your appreciation in a way that directly impacts my daily life. But you don’t have to!” Because I get it. Times is hard. If you don’t think the strip is worth even a dollar a month, hey, I don’t blame ya! Just keep readin’ like ya been readin’. And if you want to help us out at absolutely no charge to yourself, tell your friends about the strip! Positive word of mouth is huge for us.

There’s more info about all of this stuff over on our Patreon page. If it’s not too much trouble, Shadlyn and I would super appreciate it if you’d go take a look. It’s pretty short. And there’s a really dumb video and everything. You even get to see one of our cats! (The Internet is still way into cats, right?) ¬†All I’m asking is a moment of your time to decide what you think Vagabond Starlight is worth every month, even if the answer is “no dollars.”

I mean, of course that answer would bum my cats out, but I seriously do not recommend making your life decisions around the whims of cats. Seriously. How do you think the housing market crash happened?