It’s part of his charm. His actual, literal charm spell that he uses to keep you from killing him. It’s a hand spell.

Hey, where’d our ads go? Why, they went away, of course! Unless you ran an ad blocker when visiting the site, things probably look a bit cleaner around here. Last last week, I stripped out all the old Project Wonderful ads. I am happy to announce that Vagabond Starlight is now 100% Patreon supported!

Which… sounds more exciting than it really is. Our Patreon account is nothing to write home about, but even as small as it is, it outstripped our ad revenue (if you can call the pennies we made “revenue”) pretty handily pretty instantly. I always felt a little weird, too, running ads alongside asking for Patreon patrons. And, to be honest, I hated making regular checks to make sure some big gross ad wasn’t sitting next to our comic, looking all shitty and gross.

It’s a long overdue, greatly welcome change. Mind you, what we have now isn’t final; I still need to make nicer top banner, rearrange some stuff, replace the ugly Patreon “ad” with prettier one, stuff like that. Soooooo, yeah. Huzzah for no ads! Death to ads! Ads!