Having eyes everywhere would be super gross. And kinda inconvenient. Ew.

So I’ve been watching a lot of Gundam, because, I dunno, that’s a thing you do when you’re in your thirties, shut up. And Shadlyn has been brushing up on her Japenese (an, admittedly, nobler and more useful pursuit.) The end result of which has been me sitting here pricing out various tiny plastic robot models and the tools to assemble them and her sitting in the living room playing the original Dragon Quest on a Famicom emulator to test herself.

And, like, I can’t help but feel our midlife¬†crises have taken a slightly off-kilter form. It’s like our biological clocks went off, but they were set for anime o’clock? Which, hey, is cheaper than a red sports car or kayaking trips, I guess.

Well. For now, anyway.