Shouldn’t have blown your cover. Could’a sold tickets.

Vagabond Starlight is not a dramatic story. Not generally. We have a mandate, Shadlyn and I. “Serve the jokes.” Whatever a character does, wherever the plot goes, however a person acts, ultimately it has to be in service of The Joke. Despite that, I do like to slip in some human interest stuff amidst the hijinks. Why?

We learn who we are through conflict and trial. And I think the better we know someone, the better we can joke about them. You can drop a safe on the head of any asshole on the street and it’s hilarious, but really digging into someone’s psyche lets you get up to all sorts of otherwise unreachable mischief. Inside jokes are often the best kind, and I think you only get that from characters that exist in three dimensions. So while at the end of the day we’re mostly looking to make you laugh, that desire to dig into a character’s head is the reason why occasionally things get a little heavy.

Well, that and my own overblown sense of self-worth and capability as a writer, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball of fish.