So listen, I’ve been weirdly busy of late, and haven’t been giving these little text blops that go under the comic as much tender love/care that I really ought to. I’d feel worse about that, but like, now there’s a room in my house that has crown molding, and you just can’t make me feel bad about crown molding, you can’t.

Well, you could, by pointing out how it’s crooked in that one spot, and now we’re going to have to do a bunch of extra work, but like, shut up, okay? Shushshush. It’s nice. It’s all… cornery. And molded.

Anyway, the point is I don’t have anything pity to say about Geoff’s plight upthere because I got to play with a nail gun, and that experience left me with only two questions: what else do we have in this house, and how quickly can I adhere it to something else?

I probably shouldn’t be trusted with power tools.