Why mind your own business when you could be minding everyone else’s?

I’ve been thinking about age a lot lately. I’m 32, at the time of writing, and a recent family reunion has brought a lot of things into sharp focus for me. But the main take away was this: being in your early 30’s is kinda shit.

I’m just old enough to be completely out of touch with whatever the “kids” are into these days. Their┬átastes are a mystery, their habits confusing, their world depressingly alien. At the same time, I’m also too young to be one of those cool “grizzled veterans” you hear so much about. I don’t have sage wisdom to dispense,┬ábecause I’m not sagey enough yet. So where do you go when you’re too old for the club but too young for the dive bar?

I guess I should split the difference and dance in the street? Or perhaps get a better metaphor… Eh, better go dance in the actual street just in case.