Jennifer always gets the last word. And the first word. And the wordy bits in the middle.

The Steam summer sale still has video games all over my brain, so why not roll with that train of thought again. I picked up The Banner Saga on the cheap and have been enjoying it quite a bit. It’s kinda like if The Oregon Trail was more viking and less pioneer. Also if you stopped occasionally to engage in a tactical wargame with evil minions of bleak darkness. Also if people died more often.

It’s a very somber game, though not quite as unrelentingly sad as something like The Walking Dead. I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t really pass judgement on the story. Seems alright so far, though I at times it gets a little hard to follow.

The combat system isn’t the deepest, but it is very elegant and very clever. It’s mostly based around two stats, armor and strength. A unit’s strength functions as both how many points of damage it can dish out and its health. Armor reduces incoming damage. When you attack, you pick which of the two stats to target. Wearing down armor lets you more easily damage a unit in later attacks, while attacking strength both weakens it and gets it closer to The Big Permanent Debuff. There’s slightly more complexity to it than that, but for the most part it’s “simple” in a good, easy-to-play way. Could wish it was crunchier, but then I could always wish a wargame was crunchier. I used to play BattleTech. I’m a crazy person.

Anywho, highly recommend it. Unless the ending turns out to be poop, somehow. In which case I don’t recommend it. I think. Maybe I still would? Man, now time travel is going to have to get involved if I want to make any sense of this. Fuck it, I rate that game… five ducks out of purple, hell, I dunno. Do with that information what you wish.