That’s one small step for a woman…

Not much to say on this one. Good ol’ fashioned pratfall. So I’ll blather about Euro Truck Simulator 2 instead.

Hey hey hey, guys guys guys, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is really gooooood! Well, okay, maybe not really, but I really like it. Way more than I think I oughta. It’s just this dumb little euro game where you drive euro trucks around euro-simulated Europe. And at first it’s this stupid, ironic, “ho ho ho, look at how innane this is” sort of enjoyment. But a few thousand kilometers (and at least four over-turned trucks) later, and I’m finding myself legitimately enjoying a video game about long-haul truck driving.

It’s not exciting like Need For Speed. It doesn’t have white-knuckle racing thrills as you drift, draft, and drive exotic cars through super-realistically detailed locales. It’s just you, the (relatively) open road, and 17 tons of rice that need to be in Düsseldorf by 16:00 on Fri. And a €400,000 bank loan. (Which you totally needed to take out, because how else were you going to buy two more trucks and hire two more drivers?) And, strangely, that’s super fun.

Maybe it’s because of the leisurely pace of the game? Maybe it’s the (admittedly light) business management aspects? Maybe it’s the stark contrast between this and the bevy of games insisting that I single-handedly save all creation from The Dark Badness like the all-powerful messianic figure that I was destined to be? Maybe it’s my out-of-control heroin addiction? Whatever the reason, I’m having a ton of fun.

Admittedly, I did pick it up on the cheap during the Steam Summer Sale,  so it has been rather a cheap thrill. It’s probably not worth the normal asking price of thirty bucks. Especially if you don’t have a racing wheel, which I have to say has increased my dumb fun ten-fold. But if you’re in the market for something weird, don’t scoff too hard at Euro Truck Simulator 2. It’s quite the diamond in the rough.

Do scoff at Farming Simulator 2013, though. That game is really stupid. Begone, ye pitiful truck-less game!