You cute, fuzzy bear god cannot save you now.

I’m not sure why I haven’t drawn Foreground Crap more often. Large, randomly-placed¬†chunks of Whatever really simplify the whole drawing process. Hell, I could probably knock out 5 or 6 strips a week if I just covered half the panel in Foreground Crap. Think of all the content!

After all, you don’t really need to see the characters, right? The speech bubbles are what’s important.¬†Sure it could get confusing on who is and isn’t talking, but that would just add to the mystery of it all. Who’s talking? What’s happening? Why are you reading this? Didn’t this used to be a comic strip? The drama would practically create itself!

Or it would… just be a bunch of… empty panels, but whatever! It sounds really good in theory, so it must work in practice.